1:1 Coaching

You’re sick of starting a new fitness routine and new diet every year.

You want something you can sustain.

You’re looking for healthy habits that STICK, in the gym AND the kitchen.

You're in the right place.

Let’s make some changes that work for YOU.

I don’t care what worked for your sister or your friend Susan from work. You’re not them.

You have different needs, different goals, different obstacles and a different body. I’m going to look at YOU and what we can do to make the changes that fit in your life.

1:1 Coaching Options:

Fitness Coaching:

  • An in-depth assessment to look at strength deficits, movement patterns, and mobility.
  • Monthly individualized programs. No cookie-cutter workouts here. These are designed specifically FOR YOU based on our assessment, your goals, and your equipment.
  • Demonstrations of all exercises via video
  • Weekly in-depth check-ins from me
  • Video analysis of all exercises
  • Easy access to me to answer questions and give tips

Nutrition Coaching

  • An individualized plan to work on the habits that will make the biggest difference for you and your unique goals and roadblocks.
  • An initial assessment where we go over all things YOU + food. Your current habits, goals, obstacles, fears, anxieties, frustrations, etc.
  • One follow-up session per month to keep your plan right for you as you progress.
  • Resources, recipes, and handouts that I determine are appropriate for you. I don’t send every client the same things. Every client is different.
  • Email support from me between coaching sessions.
  • A compassionate, educated coach in your corner.


Expect an investment between $350 and $1200 for a 4 month period, depending on the level of support you are looking for and whether you will be paying in full or month to month.

Just nutrition? That’s towards the lower end of the spectrum. Both nutrition and fitness and paying month to month? That’ll be the upper end. I will send exact amounts after receiving your application.


Apply below. You won’t pay a dime until I determine we’re a good fit.

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