About Function and Fuel

Function and Fuel exists to give women the tools to gain confidence in the gym and the kitchen to lead healthier and more functional lives. 

I want you to be strong, fit and resilient to injury without hours in the gym.

I want you to be well-fed without the overwhelm.

Effective, efficient workouts workouts + quick, easy nutrition.

That is what Function and Fuel is all about.

My Why

In March of 2017, my mom fell and broke her arm. It was the kind of fall that you would expect to leave a bruise, not to break your humerus in half. It was clear that osteoporosis was at fault and I knew that strength training could have played a role to prevent it.

I realized how common it is for women not to know the true benefits of strength training. Sure, people know it will make you strong, but do they understand that strong can mean so many different things?

Strong can mean being able to pick up your grandkids someday without fear of injury.

Strong can mean being able to hike, bike, or garden as you get older.

Strong can mean being able to lift and carry your luggage without help.

Strong can mean feeling capable and independent.

I know what strong means to me and I want to share it. I want to help women by spreading the message and giving them tools to make it happen.  

Meet Lauren

meet Lauren

I love most things fitness, especially lifting heavy things and putting them down. I’m obsessed with helping women discover how strength training can change their life.

I recently moved to Denver, CO and am loving the big mountains and lack of humidity.

I’m a total introvert (why do you think I started an online business) but it makes me a good listener.

I’m a lover of all things cozy. Blankets, sweaters, the perfect mug of coffee, and my Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever named Louie who has the softest dog ears of all time.

Education and Credentials

– BA in Exercise Science: Athletic Training from UNC-Chapel Hill

– BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Western Carolina University

– ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

– ACSM Exercise is Medicine

– Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

– Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

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